Integrated Transportation System

Segment Overview

The corridor-wide ITS/Toll Integration includes:

  • Installing fiber optics for the ITS backbone
  • Integrating toll systems with the Traffic Management Center (TMC) central control software
  • Testing ITS and toll systems

FPID Number: 421707-7 and 421707-9
From NW 170th Street to I-595
Approximate Length: 15.0 Miles
Estimated Start Date: May 28. 2015
Cost: $7 Million
CEI: Target Engineering Group, Inc.

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75 Express Traffic Report 10.20.2017PDF102.17 KB20 Oct, 2017 Download
75 Express Traffic Report 04.21.2017PDF48.86 KB21 Apr, 2017 Download
75 Express Traffic Report 11_04_2016PDF64.41 KB04 Nov, 2016 Download
Traffic Report 9_11_15 - REVISED-2PDF1.70 MB11 Sep, 2015 Download
I-75 ITS-Tolls Corridor-Wide Integrator Industry Workshop 8-4-14PDF3.88 MB08 Aug, 2014 Download

Florida Department of Transportation

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