75 Express Public Information Survey


Please take a moment to give the project team your feedback about the communication process and ongoing construction. We appreciate your feedback.

Public Outreach and Communication

Where did you find out about the project?

When contacted, I-75 staff answered my questions in a timely, courteous manner.

Ongoing Construction

If I had a question about the project, I know who to ask and how to contact him/her.

The information I received was easy to understand and accurate

Information and updates about the I-75 project are readily available.

Lane and ramp closure information is easy to find.

There is a noticeable difference in the duration of my commute since construction began.

Roads in the construction zone are reasonably free of debris.

Access to my property is adequately marked and visible.

Dust from the project is reasonably controlled.

Overall, how would you rate the progress of construction?

General Information

Do you live along the I-75 Corridor?

Do you work along the I-75 Corridor?

Do you commute through the I-75 Corridor?

On average, how often do you travel within the I-75 Corridor each week?

If you would like a response from our office, please be sure to complete the following section of the form.  We value your input and will be sure to respond to all your questions.


Florida Department of Transportation

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